My Airport History: Savannah (SAV)

Google Earth imagery of SAV.

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport
Savannah, Georgia, United States
First visit: 16 October 2009

I’ve had two trips involving Savannah. One trip was intentional; I flew down for my sister’s wedding.

For the other trip, I was actually trying to go to Charleston (CHS) for work. My employer has a contract carrier program in place—airlines bid for contracts for one-way trips between various city pairs. If flights are available on the contract carrier, I have to take it (with limited, justification-required exceptions). United was the contract carrier for DAY–CHS, so I booked my flight through them.

However, this trip occurred in early 2012, not long after United had merged their reservation system with Continental’s, and they were having lots of issues with it. As a result, one of my flights was cancelled, and United was unable to get me to Charleston that same day themselves or on any other airline. However, they were able to get me on a Delta itinerary to Savannah (about a two hour drive away), and rebook my return flight from SAV so I wouldn’t have to do a one-way rental.