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Airport #96/100: Wilmington, North Carolina (ILM)
I managed to get one final new airport in just before the end of the year (and decade).
30 Dec 2019

Airport #95/100: Miami (MIA)
Miami was the final US large hub I hadn’t yet visited, so I’ve now visited every major airport in the country.
19 Oct 2019

Airport #94/100: Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
ARN was more spacious than I was expecting.
2 Sep 2019

Airport #93/100: Helsinki (HEL)
My visit to Helsinki’s airport was a short layover, so I didn’t have much time to explore.
2 Sep 2019

Airport #92/100: Kansas City (MCI)
I have a love–hate relationship with Kansas City International: it’s a beautiful terminal concept that absolutely doesn’t work as a modern airport.
2 Aug 2019

Airport #91/100: Birmingham (BHM)
I arrived at Birmingham half a day later than expected due to weather issues, but it was a nice airport to fly into when I finally got there.
22 Jul 2019

Airport #90/100: Pittsburgh (PIT)
Pittsburgh is an airport I wasn’t expecting to fly through—too far from home to fly from, but too close to fly to. But then some bad weather routed me there, and I picked up my 90th airport.
29 Jun 2019

Airport #89/100: Fayetteville (FAY)
Fayetteville’s airport felt old, although they were also undergoing renovations to modernize.
17 Jun 2019

Airport #88/100: Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
FLL wasn’t my favorite airport—it felt crowded in a way I wouldn’t expect for an airport of its size.
12 Mar 2019

Airport #87/100: Tokyo–Narita (NRT)
This was my first trip to Japan, and as such, my first time visiting a Japanese airport.
15 Feb 2019

Airport #86/100: Providence (PVD)
I was able to find a cheap flight into Providence as an alternate to using Boston, letting me pick up my 86th airport.
22 Dec 2018

Airport #85/100: Lubbock (LBB)
Lubbock’s curved terminal and prominent concrete gave it a vibe of a miniature version of DFW’s Terminal C.
11 Aug 2018

Airport #84/100: Auckland (AKL)
Auckland is a small airport with a lot of large planes.
3 Mar 2018

Airport #83/100: Dunedin (DUD)
To date, Dunedin is the southernmost airport I’ve visited.
3 Mar 2018

Airport #82/100: Christchurch (CHC)
Christchurch was a great little airport for a layover.
3 Mar 2018

Airport #81/100: Melbourne (MEL)
After a short flight from Sydney, I landed at my 81st airport.
3 Mar 2018

Airport #80/100: Perth (PER)
Perth is the furthest airport from home to which I can buy an airline ticket—only a few general aviation airfields are further!
3 Mar 2018

Airport #79/100: Sydney (SYD)
My first southern hemisphere airport is also the destination of my longest flight to date.
3 Mar 2018

Airport #78/100: Peoria (PIA)
I didn’t originally plan on visiting Peoria, but a thunderstorm forced me to divert there for a few hours.
5 Aug 2017

Airport #77/100: Tampa (TPA)
Tampa’s airport concept is similar to Orlando, just on a smaller scale.
9 Jun 2017

Airport #76/100: Bakersfield (BFL)
I wanted to avoid L.A. traffic when flying into the Antelope Valley, so I found a good price on a flight into Bakersfield instead.
29 Apr 2017

Airport #75/100: Destin/Fort Walton Beach (VPS)
My first airport in Florida’s panhandle.
24 Mar 2017

Airport #74/100: Jacksonville, North Carolina (OAJ)
OAJ is a small but modern airport terminal.
13 Jan 2017

Airport #73/100: Raleigh/Durham (RDU)
Goldsboro, North Carolina doesn’t have its own commercial airport, so for my first trip there I flew into RDU.
5 Nov 2016

Airport #72/100: Burbank (BUR)
As the Antelope Valley doesn’t have any commercial airline service, I flew into Ontario the last time I went to Palmdale for work. This time, our travel system recommended flying into Burbank, and I decided to give it a try.
17 Sep 2016

Airport #71/100: Des Moines (DSM)
DSM is the first Iowa airport I’ve visited.
12 Aug 2016

Airport #70/100: Portland, Maine (PWM)
PWM has a unique over-roadway security checkpoint structure that provides a beautiful entrance into its concourse.
16 Jul 2016

Airport #69/100: Ontario (ONT)
A nice airport that’s easy to get in and out of.
10 May 2016

Airport #68/100: Rekyjavík–Keflavík (KEF)
KEF is a relatively small airport with a lot of big jets stopping there.
10 Apr 2016

Airport #67/100: Paris–Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
We arrived in Paris by train, so I only had experience departing from CDG.
10 Apr 2016

Airport #66/100: London–Heathrow (LHR)
The last time I was at LHR was back in 1994, well before my earliest flight log data.
10 Apr 2016

Airport #65/100: Berlin–Tegel (TXL)
TXL had a neat hexagonal layout, but felt dated.
10 Apr 2016

Airport #64/100: Nuremberg (NUE)
The Nuremberg airport had a neat scale model of itself on display.
9 Apr 2016

Airport #63/100: Munich (MUC)
After a transatlantic flight, our 2016 European vacation began in Munich.
9 Apr 2016

Airport #62/100: San Antonio (SAT)
I’m slowly building a large collection of Texas airports.
10 Mar 2016

Airport #61/100: Amarillo (AMA)
Since Altus doesn’t have its own airport, I have to drive a ways no matter where I fly. I decided to try flying into Amarillo for one of my trips.
28 Jan 2016

Airport #60/100: Nashville (BNA)
I was one flight short on getting United status in 2015, and Nashville had the cheapest available flight, so I made a trip of it.
22 Dec 2015

Airport #59/100: Colorado Springs (COS)
COS isn’t a bad alternate airport for getting to the southern suburbs of Denver.
7 Nov 2015

Airport #58/100: Wichita Falls (SPS)
SPS was the origin of my lowest altitude “flight”—the flight was cancelled, so the airline booked us a taxi van to DFW instead.
23 Oct 2015

Airport #57/100: Toronto–Pearson (YYZ)
Like many Canadian airports, YYZ had US customs preclearance facilities, but it also had some sort of interesting remote baggage system that didn’t require claiming checked bags before customs and rechecking them after.
25 Jul 2015

Airport #56/100: Vancouver (YVR)
My first Canadian airport.
25 Jul 2015

Airport #55/100: Little Rock (LIT)
Little Rock is not a bad airport to get stuck at for a few hours, as I found out returning from my first trip through it.
28 Jun 2015

Airport #54/100: San Juan (SJU)
SJU, honestly, just felt a bit outdated and run down.
5 Dec 2014

Airport #53/100: San Diego (SAN)
My first visit to SAN was also my first trip to San Diego.
4 Nov 2014

Airport #52/100: Lawton (LAW)
Along with Flagstaff, Lawton is one of the smallest commercial airports I’ve been to.
11 Oct 2014

Airport #51/100: Flagstaff (FLG)
To date, FLG is the only airport where I’ve seen a custom airport bike rack.
30 Jun 2014

Airport #50/100: Tucson (TUS)
I’m halfway to my hundredth airport!
30 Jun 2014