Airport: DEN

Airport Terminal Silhouettes

Denver (DEN)

30 Sep 2015 · A terminal building silhouette of the Denver (DEN) airport.

One Hundred Airports

Denver (DEN)

3 May 2013 · Denver International Airport (Colorado, USA) is the 41st airport I’ve flown through.


2013 Year in Travel

31 Dec 2013 · The end of 2013 is here, which seems like a perfect time to summarize my flight activity over the last year.

My “Worst” Layovers

7 Feb 2019 · Using math to figure out which of my layovers were the most out of the way relative to the net distance traveled.

Unlucky Gate 13

18 Jan 2020 · Map of U.S. airports with or without a gate 13.