Flight Historian
I maintain a database website I created for tracking all of my flights.

I draw vector art of building footprints—especially airports and malls.

Driving Log
I record GPS data for everywhere I drive.

I create maps using QGIS and other cartography software.

Flight Graphs
I create node-and-edge graphical representations of my flights for each year.

Airport Code Puns
I collect photos of airport codes being used in sentences.

Historic Projects

Timelines for Electronics and Computers (2020)
I made a database and timeline generator for showing when I owned various computers, electronics, and parts.

My old personal websites (1999–2020)
I created a variety of personal websites over the years.

Boarding Pass Parser (2016–2018)
I wrote a parser to interpret the barcodes on airline boarding passes.

Shared Itinerary (2015–2018)
I created a website for people going to an event to coordinate travel schedules and see each other’s flight times graphically.

Time Zone Chart (2017)
I coded a simple tool to visualize time zone changes over the course of a trip.

CAD Models (2008–2012)
I drew a number of 3-D models in SketchUp.

Turn Signal Counter (2007)
I designed and built a circuit to count the number of times my car’s turn signal blinked.

America Airways (2002–2006)
A friend and I built a website for a virtual flight simulator airline.

EBDB: The EarthBound Database (2004–2005)
I created a catalog of game details for the Super Nintendo game EarthBound.