I’m Paul Bogard, and I’ve met my goal of visiting one hundred airports. I maintain a flight log, I draw silhouettes of airport terminals, and I have several other projects as well.

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Airport Terminal Silhouettes

Vector illustrations of airport terminals.

America Airways

An old website I helped create that let people fly for a virtual airline using flight simulator games.

Boarding Pass Parser

I created a web application and JSON API for parsing flight boarding pass barcode data.

CAD Models

A gallery of 3-D models I created with SketchUp.

City Heatmaps

Heatmaps of my time spent in various cities.


My computers.

Driving Density Maps

Maps showing how often I’ve driven in various places.

Driving Logs

Since 2010, I’ve kept maps of everywhere I drive.

EBDB: The EarthBound Database

I created a database of info about the Super Nintendo game EarthBound.

Flight Graphs

My flight data shown as graphs, with airports as nodes and flights as edges.

Flight Historian

How I created Flight Historian, my flight logging website.

GPS Logging

Tutorials on collecting and processing GPS location data.

Mall Silhouettes

Vector illustrations of shopping malls.

Mapping Resources

A collection of software and reference material that I’ve found useful for GPS logging and cartography.


A portfolio of maps I’ve created.

My Personal Website History

I’ve been working on websites since 1999. Here’s a brief history of my sites.

One Hundred Airports

I had a goal to visit 100 airports, which I achieved in 2022. This page tracks the airports I’ve visited.


A list of the PAX conventions I’ve attended.


My posts, mostly about travel.


My portfolio of projects, present and historic.


I attended RHIT from 2002 to 2006, and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Shared Itinerary

I created a website for people going to an event to coordinate travel schedules and see each other’s flight times graphically.


Vector art illustrations of large building footprints.

Sumo Stats

Rankings and statistics for our fantasy sumo group.

Time Zone Chart

I created a generator for charts showing time zone changes throughout a trip.

Timelines for Electronics and Computers

I made a database and timeline generator for showing when I owned various computers, electronics, and parts.

Turn Signal Counter

My integrated circuit project for counting turn signal blinks.