Myrtle Beach (MYR)

Myrtle Beach International Airport sign and departures loop.

Myrtle Beach International Airport

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States

Airport #97 of 100 · First visited 8 July 2021

Myrtle Beach is the 97th airport I’ve visited. My last new airport was Wilmington (ILM) back in December of 2019; while I did have a few flights during COVID-19, all of them were through airports I’d visited before.

Interestingly, that Wilmington visit was also for a trip to the Myrtle Beach area, but I wasn’t able to get a good flight into MYR at the time.

MYR itself was larger and busier than I expected it to be, though it’s still not huge—two perpendicular concourse piers with a half dozen gates each. There was a good selection of restaurants and retail for its size (and nearly all of them were open, which was novel after over a year of concourses with nearly everything shut down).