Tallahassee (TLH)

Exterior of terminal of Tallahassee International Airport, as seen from the parking lot.

Tallahassee International Airport

Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Airport #110 · First visited 28 June 2023

I used Tallahassee (TLH) as an alternate airport for visiting Valdosta, Georgia.

Welcome to Tallahassee sign above the doors in the main lobby of the landside terminal. The ceiling slopes up with a stairstep effect.

Landside lobby

Overall, it was not a bad little airport–about a half dozen gates behind a single checkpoint, and a rental car parking lot just out in front of the terminal. There did seem to be a shortage of rental cars available from what I was hearing in line, but fortunately, my own rental car was ready.

Airside terminal, with windows sloped at an angle so the window tops are further from the terminal than the bottoms.

Airside terminal

I liked the sloping windows in the airside terminal—they reminded me a lot of some air traffic control tower designs. They were pretty dusty, and they had to have warning signs not to lean against them, so I do somewhat understand why few airports use this design.

Large sculpture of the letters TLH made out of metal and wood.

Although not at the airport, there was a TLH sculpture near downtown Tallahassee.