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Airport Terminal Silhouettes

Miami (MIA)

A terminal building silhouette of the Miami (MIA) airport.


SCC vs. OCCC Size Comparison

4 Dec 2022 · A size comparison of the Seattle Convention Center (Seattle, Washington) and the Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Florida).

Size Comparison of NRT and DFW

18 Feb 2019 · This past week, I took a trip to Tokyo via Dallas/Fort Worth. Since I just completed my Tokyo Narita terminal silhouette yesterday, I used it to create a size comparison of the two large airports I visited on my trip.

Size Comparison of the Busiest US Airports

21 Sep 2015 · The three busiest airports in the United States—Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago-O’Hare—are all enormous, but I was wondering how big they are compared to each other.


Orange County Convention Center

A silhouette of the Orange County Convention Center.