New Orleans (MSY)

A terminal silhouette of the New Orleans (MSY) airport.

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In 2019, New Orleans replaced their old terminal (the lighter silhouette above) with a new terminal (the darker silhouette above). Since the old terminal was still present, I decided to draw both.

The new terminal is essentially almost all smooth curves, which was a pain to draw, but looked nice when it was done.

The old terminal, on the other hand, has a lot of straight lines at mostly right angles. However, the tip of the D gates turned out to be a regular heptagon (seven-sided shape), which is pretty unique—I don’t recall any other airport terminals that incorporate that shape!

The end of the D gates at MSY's old terminal, in the shape of a heptagon

Heptagonal section of MSY’s old terminal D gates

Satellite imagery from Google Earth


Paul Bogard created these terminal silhouette illustrations, and has made them available for use under a CC BY-SA 4.0 License.