Nashville (BNA)

Guitar art exhibit at BNA.

Nashville International Airport

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Airport #60 of 100 · First visited 21 December 2015

I was one flight short on getting United status in 2015, so I decided to do the airline passenger equivalent of a hundred dollar hamburger and find the cheapest United round trip I could before the end of the year. When Nashville came up as one of the cheaper options, my girlfriend volunteered to drive me down there and drive herself back, so she could get a night in Nashville and I’d only have to pay for an $85.60 one-way fare (though, admittedly, with fuel and wear and tear on the car, I didn’t save much).

And yes, I did actually get a burger, and it was delicious.

Paul eating a burger.

Burger from Gabby’s Burgers and Fries, Nashville, Tennessee.