Flagstaff (FLG)

The terminal as viewed from the ramp at FLG.

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport

Flagstaff, Arizona, United States

Airport #51 of 100 · First visited 28 June 2014

Back in 2014, some friends from Tucson and I took a vacation in Flagstaff. I flew in to Tucson to drive up with them, but I had to leave earlier than they did, so I flew home out of Flagstaff. As a result, I only have a single visit to FLG, as I only had a departure flight (and not an arrival flight).

The flight was one of my shorter flights, too; 119 miles (191 km) to Phoenix.

Map of flight from FLG to PHX, showing a route over desert.

Satellite imagery from Google Earth

This route was almost entirely over desert. When our flight attendants was doing the standard safety briefing, I could hear the eye roll in the loudspeaker voice as they reached the “in the extremely unlikely event of a water landing…” part of the script. With that short of a flight in that terrain, I don’t think we could have landed on water if we were trying to.

A customized bike rack with a Flagstaff Airport logo.

To date, FLG is the only airport where I’ve seen a custom airport bike rack.