Phoenix (PHX)

The Sky Train bridge over PHX taxiway R.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Airport #23 of 100 · First visited 12 July 2010

I don’t end up with too many opportunities to fly through Phoenix. While it’s a large hub for US Airways (now American Airlines), it doesn’t serve Dayton.

As it turns out, In-N-Out Burger is also in Phoenix, and doesn’t serve Dayton.

While I’m sure it’s a trope by now, as someone who doesn’t live in the Southwest, I love when I get to visit cities that have In-N-Out burger. So when my girlfriend and I were taking a trip to Hawaii, we decided to take advantage of our 3.5-hour layover at PHX, and had a taxi take us to Tempe to take us through an In-N-Out. To date, this remains my most expensive trip to a fast food restaurant (a $40 taxi fare to get $10 worth of food), and the only time I’ve taken a taxi through a drive-thru.

Carpet with a pattern made up of airplane shapes and circles.

Although the carpet at Portland (PDX) is more famous, Phoenix’s carpet is my favorite—actually incorporating plane silhouettes feels really appropriate at an airport. (For a similar reason, I’m a fan of the carpet at Amarillo.)

Unfortunately, carpeting at airport is becoming out of fashion; terrazzo flooring works better with rolling suitcases. As of my most recent trip through PHX, nearly all of the carpet had already been removed.