Tampa (TPA)

Art at TPA.

Art installation at TPA rental car center.

Tampa International Airport

Tampa, Florida, United States

Airport #77 of 100 · First visited 6 June 2017

Tampa’s airport design is pretty similar to Orlando’s—a central terminal hub, with elevated train spokes leading to a number of satellite concourses.

Terminal silhouettes of TPA and MCO, comparing their terminals, elevated trains, and concourses.

TPA has its security checkpoints at the concourse end of each train, whereas MCO has its security checkpoints on the terminal side. This means that at TPA, it’s impossible to move between concourses once you’re through security; you’re stuck with the amenities serving a small number of gates. MCO at least has an east and west security checkpoint, so you can theoretically move between the two western concourses or the two eastern concourses (although in practice this can be difficult).