Flight Log Version 1.3: Distances and Annual Summaries

(updated )

I’ve updated my Flight Log to version 1.3 by adding distances to flights, and by adding more statistics to the annual summary pages.


The home page now shows the total distance flown across all flights. (I’ve used the great circle distance between the airports for every flight’s distance, rather than the actual flight route flown. This is the way that most US airlines calculate mileage.)

A map of Paul's flights, labeled with a distance of 263157 miles (423509 km).

Map generated by Paul Bogard using the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz

At the bottom of the page, I’ve added the longest route, shortest route (for routes that actually have a distance), and shortest net distance (for routes where the origin is the same as the departure, and thus the net distance traveled is zero).

A table of superlatives. DFW to FRA is the longest route flown at 5143 miles. FLG to PHX is the shortest route flown at 119 miles. DFW to DFW is the shortest net distance flown at 0 miles.

The total distance flown has been added for every flight, route, aircraft family, airline, operator, tail, fleet number, travel class, trip, and trip section.

The Routes page now shows the great circle distance for each route. In addition, the page can now be sorted by either distance or number of flights.

A table of Paul's flight routes, showing the distance and number of flights for each.

I’ve done the same thing on the show airport page, showing the distance to each of the direct flight airports. This table, too, is sortable.

A table of airports Paul has flown to SEA from, or from SEA to. Each remote airport shows the distance and number of flights to/from SEA.

Annual Summary Pages

At the top of the index flights page, there have been links to years. Clicking on one of them would bring you to an annual summary page, showing a map and table of all of the flights in that year. I’ve now added more details to this page:

A map of Paul's flights in 2013, and a table of airports visited in 2013.

Map generated by Paul Bogard using the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz

Airports that were first visited in the year, aircraft families that were first flown in the year, and airlines that were first used in the year are noted in their respective tables.

A table of Paul's airlines flown in 2013, and the number of flights in 2013 for each. Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest are labeled as being first flown in 2013.