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Flight Historian
How I created Flight Historian, my flight logging website.

My Personal Website History
I’ve been working on websites since 1999. Here’s a brief history of my sites.

Blog Posts

GPX and KML Downloads Added to Flight Historian
Flight Historian can now generate GPX and KML map data files for every map it shows.
29 Jun 2020

Flight Historian Version 2.3: Automatic Distance Calculations and GPX/KML Maps
Flight Historian has been updated to version 2.3.
30 Apr 2019

Flight Historian Version 2.2: Regions and Flight Lookups
Flight Historian has been updated to Version 2.2.
15 Mar 2018

Switching Flight Historian to ICAO Regions
I used to manually keep track of which airports were within the contiguous United States in Flight Historian’s airport data, but I realized that I could determine airports’ regions by looking at their ICAO codes instead.
7 Sep 2017

Flight Historian Version 2.1: Import Flights From Digital Boarding Passes
I’ve added to Flight Historian the ability to create flights by importing digital boarding passes from the Apple Wallet app.
29 Apr 2017

Counting Visits to Airports: The Significance of Trip Sections
Why did I build my own flight log instead of using an existing one? One big contributor was that existing flight logs all seemed to double-count layovers.
25 Feb 2016

Flight Log Version 2.0: Flight Historian
I’ve relaunched my flight log as its own separate site, and it’s now known as Flight Historian.
31 Jan 2016

Flight Log Version 1.3: Distances and Annual Summaries
I’ve updated the Flight Log to version 1.3 by adding distances to flights, and by adding more statistics to the annual summary pages.
14 Feb 2015

Flight Log Version 1.2: Operators and Codeshares
I’ve updated the Flight Log to version 1.2 by adding codeshares, operators, and fleet numbers to flights.
29 Oct 2014

Flight Log Version 1.1: Routes, Top 5 Lists, and More
Version 1.1 of the Flight Log is now live.
24 Oct 2013

More Tail Numbers
I was able to use BTS data to help me fill in a good portion of my missing tail numbers.
15 Sep 2013

Airport Frequency Map Now Uses Area
My airport frequency chart now uses area instead of radius.
21 Jul 2013

Classes and Tails
The final two sections of my flight log are classes and tail numbers.
6 Jul 2013

Airlines and Aircraft
The airlines and aircraft pages behave in similar ways.
22 Jun 2013

While flights are the most visible aspect of the Flight Log, airports are equally important.
16 Jun 2013

Flights and Trips
The Flight Log has a number of ways to show information, but understandably, the core component is a list of flights.
11 Jun 2013

Introduction to the Flight Log
I travel reasonably often, and I consider myself a bit of a transportation nerd. It’s only logical that I would keep track of where I’ve flown.
7 Jun 2013