Time at Home During COVID-19

I’m fortunate that my health and finances have both been well during the COVID-19 crisis. Nonetheless, my job temporarily suspended travel for several months, and I didn’t take any vacations while my state had a stay-at-home order in place. This was a bit of a change of pace when I’m used to constant trips.

I wanted to compare the lengths of time I’ve spent at home over the past decade, so I came up with a chart.

Map of the United states. Airports with a gate 13 are plotted as green dots. Airports without a gate 13 are plotted as red dots. Airports with all gates below or above 13 are plotted as gray dots.

This stay-at-home was the longest period I’ve been home since my first work trip.

Rank Nights at Home From To
#1 113 Thu
12 Mar 2020
3 Jul 2020
#2 53 Thu
28 Apr 2011
20 Jun 2011
#3 45 Fri
14 Feb 2014
31 Mar 2014
#4 42 Mon
30 Dec 2013
10 Feb 2014
#5 41 Thu
27 Jan 2011
9 Mar 2011

Tools and Data Sources

I created this chart from data in an Excel spreadsheet of my hotel stays, using a Python script I wrote.