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How I Store My Driving Logs (2021)
I organized my driving logs into a single KML file and wrote a script to automatically import GPS data.
9 Feb 2021

City Gravity
Using a gravity metaphor, I calculated the U.S. cities with the most attraction from my hometown based on population and distance.
15 Jan 2021

Distance From Home by Day
On average, I’m furthest from home in mid-February each year.
1 Jan 2021

Song Lyrics Graph
I combined a word cloud with a graph to show both how often each word appeared in song lyrics, and which words followed which other words.
13 Jun 2020

Time at Home During COVID-19
While I’m fortunate that my health and finances have both been well during the COVID-19 crisis, this has been the longest time I’ve been home for this long since I started traveling for work in 2009. I created a chart and some statistics about this time spent at home.
19 Apr 2020