Tag: Python

City Population Gravity

Using a gravity metaphor, I calculated the U.S. cities with the most attraction from my hometown based on population and distance.

Song Lyrics Graph

I combined a word cloud with a graph to show both how often each word appeared in song lyrics, and which words followed which other words.

Driving Log

Driving Log 3.0: KML to GeoPackage Conversion

Many of the requirements that caused me to store my driving log in KML are no longer applicable.

Driving Log Version 2.0: Canonical KML File and Import Script

I organized my driving log into a single KML file and wrote a script to automatically import GPS data.


Distance From Home by Day

1 Jan 2021 · On average, I’m furthest from home in mid-February each year.

Hotel Internet Speed 2022–2023

16 Jul 2023 · A decade ago I tracked my internet speeds in hotels, and from July 2022 through June 2023 I tracked them again to see what had changed.

Time at Home During COVID-19

19 Apr 2020 · While I’m fortunate that my health and finances have both been well during the COVID-19 crisis, this has been the longest time I’ve been home for this long since I started traveling for work in 2009. I created a chart and some statistics about this time spent at home.