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Flight Historian
How I created Flight Historian, my flight logging website.

Shared Itinerary
I created a website for people going to an event to coordinate travel schedules and see each other’s flight times graphically.

Blog Posts

Unlucky Gate 13
Map of U.S. airports with or without a gate 13.
18 Jan 2020

Flight Historian Version 2.3: Automatic Distance Calculations and GPX/KML Maps
Flight Historian has been updated to version 2.3.
30 Apr 2019

Flight Historian Version 2.2: Regions and Flight Lookups
Flight Historian has been updated to Version 2.2.
15 Mar 2018

Flight Historian Version 2.1: Import Flights From Digital Boarding Passes
I’ve added to Flight Historian the ability to create flights by importing digital boarding passes from the Apple Wallet app.
29 Apr 2017