Tag: SketchUp

CAD Models

Apartment Floor Plan

A model of my 2012 apartment.

Boat Quarters

A model of living quarters with a curved wall.

CAD Models

A gallery of 3-D models I created with SketchUp.

Chili Dog (MacBook Pro)

A SketchUp model of a laptop Paul used to own.

Gingerbread Westcott House

A SketchUp model used to plan out a gingerbread house.

Media Room

A SketchUp model of an entertainment room in a walk-out basement.

Nintendo Wii

SketchUp model of a Nintendo Wii console.

Pancake (Desktop Computer)

A SketchUp model of two desktop computer cases.

Truck Weight Frame

A SketchUp model of a frame to keep weight above a truck’s rear axle for winter driving.