New York–LaGuardia (LGA)

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Google Earth imagery of LGA.

LaGuardia Airport

New York, New York, United States

Airport #11 of 100 · First visited 2 January 2009

Though I’m hardly unique in thinking so, LaGuardia is my least favorite airport. I understand why it’s the way it is—it was never designed to be as busy as it is, nor was it designed to have security checkpoints, so we end up with many small crowded post-security concourses. Combine that with a general run-down vibe, and it’s just a soul-crushing airport to be in.

And, for some inexplicable reason, they labeled both terminals and concourses with letters, so there are A gates in terminals A and B, C gates in terminals B and C, and D gates in terminals B and D.

A terminal map of LGA in 2015.

2015 LGA terminal map

It’s certainly not all bad. Delta’s terminals C and D are connected post-security, and (as of 2020) terminal B is undergoing a substantial rebuild. But for now, I’m still avoiding flying through LGA whenever possible.