Philadelphia (PHL)

Planes lined up at PHL with the Philadelphia skyline in background.

Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Airport #34 of 100 · First visited 12 March 2012

Philadelphia is a long airport—it can take a good twenty-five minutes to walk between Concourses A and F at opposite ends of the terminal. As I enjoy walking around and exploring, it’s a good airport for that; I can easily pass a long layover by walking around.

Of course, this also means that short layovers can be risky. There are shuttle buses between some concourses, but this is an airport that could really benefit from an airside train.

I didn’t have many trips through PHL until American Airlines took over US Airways’ hub there with their merger. Since then, like DCA, I generally only pass through it when I’m flying American to New England.