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Travel Heatmap

For my 2010s Decade in Travel post, I manually created a heatmap showing the parts of the United States and world where I’d spent the most time traveling. Since I’ve been playing around with QGIS recently, I went ahead and used it to create a proper heatmap of my travels.

City Heatmaps

Cincinnati Heatmap

Ever since I learned how to make heatmaps, I’ve wanted to track everywhere I go within a city I’m visiting on a given trip. I did so this weekend for a Cincinnati staycation.

City Heatmaps

Heatmaps of my time spent in various cities.

Seattle Heatmap

A heatmap of where Paul spent time on a September 2021 trip to Seattle.

GPS Logging

GPS Device Configuration

My preferred configuration settings for various GPS logging devices.


A Decade in Travel: 2010–2019

1 Jan 2020 · My maps, charts, and other travel statistics for the entire decade of the 2010s.