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Flight Historian Version 2.2: Regions and Flight Lookups
Flight Historian has been updated to Version 2.2.
15 Mar 2018

Finding Your Tail Number (When You Can’t See It)
Every aircraft has a unique registration number, usually printed on or near the tail, which you can use to track which specific airplanes you’ve been on.
13 Sep 2015

Creating a Regular Expression for US Tail Numbers
Each country has its own assigned format for tail numbers, so it’s possible to look at each tail number and determine what country it’s from. I wanted to create a regular expression to recognize US tail numbers.
4 Sep 2015

More Tail Numbers
I was able to use BTS data to help me fill in a good portion of my missing tail numbers.
15 Sep 2013

Classes and Tails
The final two sections of my flight log are classes and tail numbers.
6 Jul 2013