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Creating a Regular Expression for US Tail Numbers

4 Sep 2015 · Each country has its own assigned format for tail numbers, so it’s possible to look at each tail number and determine what country it’s from. I wanted to create a regular expression to recognize US tail numbers.

Finding Your Tail Number (When You Can’t See It)

13 Sep 2015 · Every aircraft has a unique registration number, usually printed on or near the tail, which you can use to track which specific airplanes you’ve been on.

Flight Historian Version 2.2: Regions and Flight Lookups

15 Mar 2018 · New and changed features in version 2.2 of Paul Bogard’s Flight Historian.

Flight Log Version 1.0: Initial Release

27 Apr 2013 · Features in the initial version of Paul Bogard’s Flight Log.

More Tail Numbers

15 Sep 2013 · I was able to use BTS data to help me fill in a good portion of my missing tail numbers.