More Tail Numbers

When I initially created my Flight Log, I had only been tracking tail numbers since 2012. Last week, I found a source to help me fill in a good portion of my missing tail numbers.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics keeps records of airline on-time statistics for United States domestic flights. In particular, their detailed statistics for departures, arrivals, and airborne time have flight number and tail number data. With a date, origin or destination airport, and flight number, I could find the tail number of many of my past flights.

There are a few caveats:

Even with the above, the BTS website was still a great source of data, and I now have tail number data for 91% of my flights. This data helped me find out that there were quite a few more tails I’d flown on more than once, including three additional tails I’d flown on three times (beyond N909EV, which I already knew about).

The plane with tail number N691AE parked at an airport gate.

One of the three-flight tails was N691AE.

  1. American Eagle changed its name to Envoy in 2014. ↩︎