Airport: DFW

Airport Terminal Silhouettes

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

A terminal building silhouette of the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) airport.

One Hundred Airports

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

Dallas/Fort Worth is one of the first airports I became especially familiar with, and it’s now one of my favorite layover airports.

Sydney (SYD)

My first southern hemisphere airport is also the destination of my longest flight to date.


2023 Year in Travel

31 Dec 2023 · I spent 87 nights traveling this year, picked up ten new airports, visited Iceland and Japan, and drove a go-kart through the streets of Naha.

A Single Flight Round Trip at DFW

7 Nov 2014 · Due to a mechanical issue, my flight had to return to Dallas.

My “Worst” Layovers

7 Feb 2019 · Using math to figure out which of my layovers were the most out of the way relative to the net distance traveled.

Percentage of Flights on American Airlines

31 Jul 2014 · For a while, over half of my total flights had been on American Airlines.

Size Comparison of NRT and DFW

18 Feb 2019 · This past week, I took a trip to Tokyo via Dallas/Fort Worth. Since I just completed my Tokyo Narita terminal silhouette yesterday, I used it to create a size comparison of the two large airports I visited on my trip.

Work Travel During a Pandemic

11 Nov 2020 · My job has had me fly a few times since COVID-19 restrictions started, and it’s an odd experience.