Chicago–O’Hare (ORD)

The neon tunnel between Concourses B and C at ORD.

O’Hare International Airport

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Airport #8 of 100 · First visited 27 December 2008

O’Hare is both a hub for the two airlines I fly the most (American and United) and relatively close to Dayton, so I end up with a great many flights through there.

Only my home airport and Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) beat it for visits as of the time of this writing. DFW built up a commanding lead back in 2009 through 2011 where I was both flying American nearly exclusively and had the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a frequent work destination. O’Hare is catching up, though, now that my status is with United, and I don’t have much reason to visit the Metroplex any more.

American Airlines jets at ORD.

Even before the flight log started, I’d been to O’Hare a number of times; I have a lot of family in the Chicago area, and we lived in the UK for a few years, so any time we came back to visit family we’d end up through there.

Things I Like at O’Hare

Note: Terminals 1, 2, and 3 (B, C, E, F, G, H, K, and L gates) are all connected behind security, so once you’re in any of these terminals you can move around freely between them. Terminal 5 (M gates) is off on its own.

O’Hare Urban Garden

Hydroponic garden columns.

The rotunda at the root of Concourse G has a set of curved stairs (with an elevator behind it) leading up to a second level; on that level is a hydroponic garden which grows food for a number of airport restaurants.

ORD map showing the Urban Garden in the rotunda of the G concourse.

The garden also has seating, and is much quieter than the concourses below; it’s a good place to sit and relax while waiting for a flight.

Garden area on the upper level of the Concourse G rotunda.

Tortas Frontera

O’Hare is home to some of my favorite airport food—Tortas Frontera (located in the B, K, and M concourses) provides great grilled sandwiches if you have the ten minutes to spare for them to cook it to order for you.

ORD map showing Tortas Frontera in B, K, and M concourses.