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Driving Logs

Driving Logs

Since 2010, I’ve kept maps of everywhere I drive.

Fixing Driving Log Inter-Track Gaps

How I fixed gaps in my driving log data.

How I Store My Driving Logs (2021)

I organized my driving logs into a single KML file and wrote a script to automatically import GPS data.

Flight Historian

Flight Historian

How I created Flight Historian, my flight logging website.

Flight Historian Version 2.3: Automatic Distance Calculations and GPX/KML Maps

New and changed features in version 2.3 of Paul Bogard’s Flight Historian.

Generating GPX and KML Maps with Ruby on Rails

How to use Ruby to create GPX and KML map data files.

Updates Since Latest Version

New and changed features since the latest version release of Paul Bogard’s Flight Historian.

GPS Logging

Converting GPS Data Between GPX and KML

GPX and KML are both file types used to store GPS data. This tutorial will teach you how to convert between GPX and KML (in both directions) using GPS Visualizer.

GPS Logging

Tutorials on collecting and processing GPS location data.

Logging GPS Tracks With a Bad Elf GPS Pro+

This tutorial will give you the basics of using a Bad Elf GPS Pro+ to record driving data and export the data for use in mapping software.

Mapping GPS Data in Google Earth

Google Earth is a map viewer that provides an easy way to view GPS data files. This tutorial will teach you how to view GPX-formatted GPS data in Google Earth.

Mapping Resources

Mapping Resources

A collection of software and reference material that I’ve found useful for GPS logging and cartography.