Beavercreek Bathrooms

Playing around with county parcel data to create maps of questionable usefulness.


A map showing the progression of ZIP Codes throughout the contiguous United States.

Driving Density Maps

Maps showing how often I’ve driven in various places.

Interstate Grid

A visual representation of major cross-country interstate highways on a grid, inspired by Cameron Booth’s “Interstate Highways as a Subway Map.”

Mapping Resources

A collection of software and reference material that I’ve found useful for GPS logging and cartography.


A portfolio of maps I’ve created.

Travel Heatmap

For my 2010s Decade in Travel post, I manually created a heatmap showing the parts of the United States and world where I’d spent the most time traveling. Since I’ve been playing around with QGIS recently, I went ahead and used it to create a proper heatmap of my travels.

Unlucky Gate 13

Map of U.S. airports with or without a gate 13.

City Heatmaps

City Heatmaps

Heatmaps of my time spent in various cities.

Driving Log

Driving Log 3.0: KML to GeoPackage Conversion

Many of the requirements that caused me to store my driving log in KML are no longer applicable.

Driving Log Version 2.0: Canonical KML File and Import Script

I organized my driving log into a single KML file and wrote a script to automatically import GPS data.

GPS Logging

Visualizing GPS Data With QGIS

This tutorial will teach you how to use QGIS to generate a map image from GPX track data.


PAX West 2016 Area Map

PAX West spreads out beyond the Washington State Convention Center into many downtown Seattle event spaces. I created a map of convention venues and affiliated hotels.


Distance From Home by Day

1 Jan 2021 · On average, I’m furthest from home in mid-February each year.

SCC vs. OCCC Size Comparison

4 Dec 2022 · A size comparison of the Seattle Convention Center (Seattle, Washington) and the Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Florida).