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One Hundred Airports

Orlando (MCO)

30 Nov 2009 · Orlando is one of my most visited airports, but something about it just doesn’t click with me.

Richmond (RIC)

18 Sep 2022 · Richmond International Airport (Virginia, USA) is the 102nd airport I’ve flown through.


2022 Year in Travel

31 Dec 2022 · This year I spent 97 nights traveling, visited my 100th airport, flew 74 times (including my 1000th flight), and had some issues with rental cars.

A Primer on Car Rentals

29 Apr 2018 · Some tips and tricks for your first car rental.

Driving States

20 Jan 2014 · States I’ve driven in with my car versus states I’ve only driven in with other cars.

New York, D.C., and Iceland

31 Jan 2023 · Travel stats and photos for my January 2023 vacation, including the TWA hotel, Reykjavík, Akureyri, and mall cats.

Work Travel During a Pandemic

11 Nov 2020 · My job has had me fly a few times since COVID-19 restrictions started, and it’s an odd experience.