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Timelines for Electronics and Computers

I made a database and timeline generator for showing when I owned various computers, electronics, and parts.

Blog Posts

2021 Year in Travel

Paul’s travel statistics for 2021.

Distance From Home by Day

On average, I’m furthest from home in mid-February each year.

2020 Year in Travel

Paul’s travel statistics for 2020. For obvious reasons, travel has been substantially lower than in recent years.

Time at Home During COVID-19

While I’m fortunate that my health and finances have both been well during the COVID-19 crisis, this has been the longest time I’ve been home for this long since I started traveling for work in 2009. I created a chart and some statistics about this time spent at home.

A Decade in Travel: 2010–2019

Paul’s maps, charts, and other travel statistics for the entire decade of the 2010s.

2019 Year in Travel

Paul’s travel statistics for 2019.

2018 Year in Travel

A summary of Paul Bogard’s 2018 hotels, flights, and driving.

2017 Year in Travel

Paul’s 2017 travel statistics.

2016 Year in Travel

Overall, my travel increased slightly this year. Unlike in 2015, my travel was relatively evenly spread throughout the year.

Time Zone Changes

With two recent work trips and a five-city European vacation, combined with the changes to summer time in the US and Europe, I’ve gone through quite a few time zone changes in the past six weeks.

2015 Year in Travel

2015 was a relatively strong year for me for business travel, with the first and last thirds of the year being particularly busy. Due to that, my total flights and hotel nights just edged above 2014’s numbers, for another record year.

2014 Year in Travel

2014 has been a record travel year.

Percentage of Flights on American Airlines

For a while, over half of my total flights had been on American Airlines.

2013 Year in Travel

The end of 2013 is here, which seems like a perfect time to summarize my flight activity over the last year.